Why should you consider getting a physical therapy evaluation & treatment before considering surgery, an injection or pain medication?

How You Benefit

Let’s start with a list of advantages, and then I’ll discuss each of these in turn: lower healthcare cost including physician visits and diagnostic imaging…decreased reliance on pain medication…improved healthcare outcomes. How does that sound?

PT Evaluation and Care

Your physical therapy exam (with or without a physician referral) includes medical screening. Your PT will make a referral to your physician if needed to address non-neuro-musculo-skeletal issues. Your PT will holistically assess your posture, movement, balance and abilities to create your plan of care. And to address your goals as well as any issues with strength, mobility and function.

PT & Reduced Diagnostic Imaging

Your PT will provide guidance and progressions during the course of your care. In our out-patient practice this averages 12-15 visits over the course of a 12-week period to achieve an independent home program. There is strong evidence to support your functional improvement without the need for additional and unnecessary diagnostic imaging.

PT & Your Healthcare Team

If your PT has questions or issues that are not resolving consistently well during your PT care, your PT will refer you to your healthcare provider to consider the possibility of additional intervention or diagnostics. If consistent progress is made in your PT plan of care, then most patients do not require additional diagnostic imaging. This results in lower healthcare costs to you and to our medical system.

PT & Reduced Physician Office Visits

Patients who see a PT before a physician consult have 19% lower costs as compared to those who had an injection first, 75% lower costs as compared to patients who had surgery first and additionally, and you are less likely to receive an opioid prescription.

PT & Reduced Pain Medication

PT’s provide hands-on care. Giving you tips and strategies to manage pain, with evidence supporting exercise & activity as well as various modalities to control pain and to enhance your body awareness. Thus decreasing reliance on pain and muscle relaxant medication.

PT for Your Lifestyle & Your Healthspan

Your PT will help you achieve your optimal activity level, while providing education and body awareness for healthy lifestyle choices. Your outcome will be better with, or without surgical intervention. And if you require further diagnostic or surgery, your physical therapist will coordinate care with your physician. The evidence is clear that you will not only benefit by living longer, but by moving better and with better quality of life during your healthspan.

My best to you as we Move For Health,

Dr. Darcy